7 Reasons Your Space Looks Smaller Than It Is

Monday Nov 07th, 2022


In real estate, square footage is everything. If you want an easy way to maximize every inch of your home—without investing in a costly addition to your property—then you need to pay close attention to how you’re styling the space. You may be unintentionally shrinking your home just by way of decorations alone. Here are seven things to avoid.

1. Clutter - When you have lots of items in your home, it can start to make the space feel closed in. Taking stock of what you have and whittling it down to the necessities will give your home some much-needed breathing room.

2. Bare walls - Even though clutter can make a space feel small, it doesn’t mean you should leave all of your walls blank. That’s because walls allow you to emphasize the height and width of your space. When left blank, you miss out on this opportunity. Consider hanging an oversized piece of art, leaning a big mirror against the wall, or installing floating shelves.

3. Low-hanging curtains - If your curtains are hung at the wrong height, your space will feel smaller than it really is. Ideally, curtains should start at the top of the ceiling (yes, even if it means going past the window line). If you want to create the illusion of wider windows, you can even extend the curtains past each side of the window.

4. Busy patterns - It’s hard to know where to look when there are polka dots, florals, and bright plaids competing for attention. You don’t have to avoid patterns altogether. Just use them sparingly and keep the rest of the space simple.

5. Bulky furniture - If you’ve got the space for large furniture, then go for it. But if you’re short on space, avoid large, chunky furniture. Opt for simple furniture with clean lines that are low to the ground.

6. Low lighting - A home that’s dimly lit will naturally feel small. That’s why people desire homes with large windows— it does wonders to open up a space. If you’re not blessed with natural lighting, layer in artificial lights like pendants, floor lamps, and table lamps.

7. Dark paint colours - Dark absorbs light, so any room with dark colours will quickly feel small. If you want a space that feels open and airy, opt for lighter paint colours.