Should you decorate for the holidays

Should You Decorate Your Home For The Holidays If It’s Already On The Market?

Wednesday Dec 07th, 2022


Choosing the perfect tree and getting the decorations down from the attic might be a family tradition — but should you deck the halls when you’re putting your house on the market? Too many decorations and potential buyers could be put off by a personalized house that appears cramped. And yet, a lack of festivity might make your house look like the Grinch.

We’re championing a strategic approach that straddles the two — here’s how to attack holiday decorations. Keep it simple Most prospective buyers will attach emotion to houses — so seeing the way it could be dressed up in festive garb could actually be a huge plus. What you don’t want to do is go overboard and make it hard for them to imagine the space outside of the holidays.

Keep things simple and on theme with the rest of your decor. Be organized (and don’t leave a mess) Decorate in one go to avoid having unfinished areas that look untidy. Opt for a clean and simple style, even if that’s not your normal style. Next year, in your new home, is the time to go wild on the ornaments.

Keep it secular You want to make your home inviting, so be cognizant of the variety of sellers who may be viewing your home. Try to avoid putting off families from different religious and cultural backgrounds by decorating with ornaments and trinkets that are not overtly religious. Aim for winter versus Christmas — think snowflakes, not angels.

Take photos beforehand A touch of festive decor might leave buyers feeling all warm and fuzzy, but don’t leave anything up to chance. Take some photos of your living areas pre-decorating and leave them on a counter so visitors can peruse at their leisure and get a sense of your home outside of the holiday period.

Don’t have too many personal elements Buyers want to picture celebrating the holidays in your home — not with your family. Tchotchkes crafted by your kids might make it a challenge for potential buyers to picture themselves in your home. Plus, overly personal items like Christmas cards could present issues of privacy.

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